Wednesday, May 25, 2011

PSP: Few things to remember on PSP

= Custom Firmware/Update
OFW = Official Firmware/Update
HEN = Homebrew Enabler
XMB = Xross Media Bar (Main GUI)
ms0: = Root Of Memory Stick
ef0: = Root Of PSP Go (16GB) Storage
ISO = ISO file is an image of the contents of a UMD
CSO = CSO is a compressed ISO image

The difference between Hen & CFW: Is that CFW is a full firmware which is flashed into your PSP main memory (flash0) A HEN is a firmware that is kept in your PSP's RAM which means when you turn your PSP off in Hen mode the RAM will be deleted and your PSP will return to its normal state.

Bricked PSP = A bricked PSP is one in which the firmware has been corrupted so that the PSP will no longer start up. It has, essentially, become a very nice-looking brick, suitable only for use as a paperweight.

Homebrew: Refers to programs, such as games and utility software, that are made at home by individual people (as opposed to development companies).

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