Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Liquidzigong and Coldbird's PSP Custom Firmware 6.20 PRO-B5. Play homebrew, ISOs and enable plugins (prx files). You must be running PSP Official Firmware (OFW) 6.20 prior to installing/using this.

6.20 PRO Features
  • Dump UMD Images to ISO
  • Dump PSN-Bought Titles to ISO (using NPDecryptor)
  • UMD-4-Homebrew Support (Thanks to ardi)
  • CFW Folder Hider (fixes DJ Max Portable 3 and possibly other titles)
  • Dump PSN-Classic Decryption Keys
  • version.txt FW-Revision Fake Support
  • Supports new firmware Titles
  • PSN Support
  • ISO / CSO Playback Support
  • PSN Classic Sharing Support (Decryption Keydump required)
  • Custom PSX EBOOT Playback Support
  • Permanent Bootloader Support (on 6.20 version)
  • Recovery Menu Support
  • XMB Satellite Support
  • Overclocking Support (including WLAN fix)
  • High Memory Unlock Support (for 2g+ models, including 5g pause game fix)
  • Plugin Support
  • NID Resolving Support (1.XX, 3.XX, 5.XX, 6.XX)
  • Homebrew Playback Support
  • Multiple ISO Drivers (M33, Inferno, NP9660)
  • Registry Hack Support (Unlock WMA, Unlock Flash Player, X/O Button Swap)
  • PRO NoDRM Engine (use decrypted DLCs for your games)
  • 5g IoPath Fixer (to improve compatiblity to old plugins on PSP Go)
  • Region Fake Support
  • MAC Address Hider
  • Gameboot Skip Support
  • Bootlogo Skip Support
  • USB FlashProtect Support
  • EBOOT Picture Hider (decreases loading time of EBOOT thumbnails)
  • 5g Savestate Anti-Delete Feature (prevents savegame deletion on game resume on PSP Go)
  • USB Battery Charging Support (for 2g+ models)
  • Custom HTML Viewer Save Locations (/ISO)
  • Extended KUBridge for Developers (Kernel Range Peek / Poke Support)
  • [!]Fixed freeze on Patapon with Inferno
  • [!]Fixed version.txt with Windows LRCF
  • [!]Fixed USB charge
  • [!]Fixed crash in recovery menu
  • [!]Fixed compression support with updater
  • [!]Fixed syscall execution, thanks to neur0n
  • [!]fixed plugin load code, now ms0 and ef0 goes independently
  • [!]fixed crash on system version display
  • [!]alter default settings for some noobs
  • [+]added patch in umd4homebrew, thanks to ardi
  • [+]added DJMAX3 anti-CFW patch
  • [+]PSN PSX game now support custom manual
  • [+]added kuBridge functions and example
  • [+]added /ISO in htmlviewer download

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