Friday, March 30, 2012

Gevey Sim AIO,5.1 Tested!

Gevey Sim AIO,5.1 Tested!

Gevey Sim AIO Tested On 5.1 (2.0.10 BB)
Got it working with:


Tmobile/austria Unlock Done.

Now testing Orange/France..

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Tested Also on 5.1 4s

thanks ,..
credit goes to : shenics_16

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This is an ebook that covers all the great methods of undetecting your crypter. It covers the concept of an encrypter, supplies helpful links to sources and despite the grammar slip ups it's a pretty legit read.
For those who are new to cryptography and those that are experienced.

Hackers Dictionary - Most used terms and definitions

I have put a small list of important terms together, which you should know.

0day exploit (zero day) - New exploit, that is not available publically.

JTR - John The Ripper

blackhat - Hackers, that do profit from their work and selling databases, credit cards, and other sensitive information.

greyhat - Hackers, that deface or show off their hacks.

whitehat - Hackers or Security Professionals that report vulnerabilities they found to the companies.

Bruteforce - Creating passwords and trying them. Mostly used in hash cracking.

DDoS - Distributed Denial of Service

DoS - Denial of Service

SQLi - SQL Injection, allows to spoof queries and get important data out of the database such as logins etc.


BSQLi - Blind SQL Injection, harder than the normal one and requires much more time.

XSS - Cross site scripting. Allows you to run CSS scripts on websites. Can be useful to steal cookies.

LFI - Local File Inclusion, allows to include a local page. Can be exploited and shell uploaded. Sometimes 
filtered, but you can bypass it using Null byte Injection .

RFI - Remote File Inclusion, allows you to include a page from a remote host. Usually parses the code into the .php file and executes it.

SSI - Server side includes, like code execution. Affected extensions: .shtm, .shtml and more.

RCE - Remote command/code execution, allows to execute code on the remote host.

Phishing - Creating a fake login page for commercial websites.